Dwarf Barbarian


Grapeseed grew up in the hills of Anserini, a land with with ample food, water, and isolation from the crumbling metropolis. The founders of Anserini, who lived hundreds of years before the time of Grapeseed, initially came from Gnomish families of power that made up one of the main sects of the parliament, the commodities sect, in the once flourishing metropolis. Because they had intimate knowledge of the future prospects of Gizmodium and the other sources of energy (forests, hydraulics, oil) needed to support the now dwindling Gizmodium supply, these particular families secretly jumped ship and left the metropolis to fail. This gave them the advantage to find a worthwhile plot of land to best ensure their survival and establishment of a new society.

The slaves who worked the arduous jobs of mining the environment for energy sources other than the decaying stock of Gizmodium were commanded to flee with the families of power. Due to their short sightedness and desperation, these families overlooked the fact that their university level degrees and knowledge of delicatessens would no longer benefit a society starting from scratch. Instead, the qualities these slaves possessed (e.g hunting, husbandry, etc.) would prove much more useful when it comes to re-establishing said society.

To aggravate matters further, the slaves did not take kindly to the perverse cycle of graft and bribery that these families previously engaged in to maintain their prestige and authority in the outside world. With the tables turned, the slaves reclaimed their humanity and took control over the wayfarer group and led them to the land now known as Anserini. The now reformed slaves recognized that the Gnome’s superior intelligence and higher levels of education would be useful. Inevitably, after being enslaved for hundreds of years previously, the humans could not help but to harbor some resentment, and some even developed feelings of malice, towards the Gnomes.

As the years turned into decades, and the decades turned into centuries, the population of the Anserini lands grew into the thousands. The settlement became a village and the village eventually grew to become a town. An evolution of the appearance of the Gnomes even took place. With the new and hostile living conditions, the Gnomes were forced to forgo their lavish lifestyle, adopted a callous demeanor, and eventually deemed themselves “Dwarves.” Despite older generations fading and being replaced by newer generations, the rift between the Gnomes, now the Dwarves, and the Humans remained. Due to ideological differences of how to govern the village, various factions developed within each race and as a result, acts of both intraracial and interracial violence became commonplace. Due to these factions and their clashes, many talented leaders arose, such as charismatic commanders, thuggish fighters and roguish thieves. The founders of this city inadvertently created a breeding ground for highly talented and trained individuals due to the abundant supply of resources the lands offered and a highly cutthroat society.

A curse of it’s own success, rumors about Anserini spread across the lands and attracted the attention of the brutal Half-Orchs. They were unrelenting in their attempts to abduct the most talented youth in hopes to assimilate them. Some argue that, despite the numerous schisms in Anserini, the constant threat of the Half-Orchs was the glue holding the society together as one. It was during these times that young Grapeseed grew to adulthood and developed a reputation that would follow him in his travels.

From a young age, Grapeseed was highly aggressive. Although aggressive, he was never emotionally involved when he carried out acts of violence, which usually consisted of him mauling his peers. While most of the other villagers, even the most brutal of the fighters, always begun working through conflict with rational conversation, Grapeseed never thought twice about self-restraint. Because of his violence and apathy, he did not have very many close friends, nor did he have very many enemies. People just learned not to say anything that would deter him from his current goal lest losing a few of their teeth and receiving a broken jaw. But Grapeseed did develop one set of “friends” in his childhood…

And those friends were the geese, one of the most abundant resources of Anserini. Grapeseed earned his nick name in part because of his affinity for geese, and the geese’s affinity for him. The geese lived off the grapes, another common commodity of Anserini. Upon defecting, the geese would replant the grapeseeds, and thus keep their food source in constant supply. The people of the town ate the geese and studied viticulture and oenology while Grapeseed just ate the grapes and “studied” the geese. Grapeseed would travel miles following the geese on foot while the geese flew. Eventually, Grapeseed developed an extraordinary ability to jump far distances, many times further than the most athletic person is able to jump. This ability made it easier for him to travel with the geese.

Eventually, the half-orchs relentless barrage on Anserini began to threaten the native geese and this was too much for Grapeseed, as the geese are the only thing that he’s truly cared for. Looking to support the cause against the Half-Orchs, many factions were eager to have him join their ranks as he was one of the best and most brutal fighters the village had. A Dwarven faction, Hanseath, known for his rambunctiousness, culture favoring chaos, war, and drunkensess, took Grapeseed into their ranks.

Over the years, Grapeseed developed his own style of combat and brutality. He refined his skills with the greataxe and warhammer. He was a pivotal figure in keeping the Half-Orchs attempts at abduction at bay. Due to his achievements, the faction of Hanseath grew to be a domineering power in the town.


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