Ages ago, the world was beautiful… magic and dragons ran rampant… elves and men ruled the world… then the giant pods fell from the sky. Out of the glistening meteors, and accompanied by blips and beeps, came the Gnomes. They were from another world: a world that had come under attack, they wouldn’t say by whom. Nobody cared, because with them, they brought technology and weapons beyond our wildest dreams. Machines that could mass produce food, that could transmute solid state matter into pretty much anything. The termed Non-Earth-Origin Technology, or NEOtech (neon for short) they brought were powered by gizmodium: a cheap, pollutionless, and completely efficient resource abundant on their home planet. In transport ships, the gnomes brought as much as they could carry… enough to last for thousands of generations. The world quickly grew to depend on NEON.

With the help of the gnomes, the humans and elves built massive cities and buildings that could touch the sky… they abandoned hunting, gathering, farming, and husbandry for the convenience of replicated food and entertainment, all in hopes that a way would be developed to eventually substitute earth resources for the precious and perfect gizmodium. When the gizmodium began to run out, desperate attempts were made to keep tech running in order to feed a terminally populated world. Every effort was turned toward mining fossil fuels and leveling forests, but these were mere tinder compared to the energy provided by the gnomefuel. The water-treading lasted only a handful of years before the famine. 90% of the world’s population was wiped out in the coming years. Desolation, ivy, and rust slowly conquered the once bustling metropolises and the glow of torches and campfires were once again the only source of illumination of the cityscape. Many sects splintered off from the population over time for one reason or another… some were never heard from again, and some eventually developed into populations almost unrecognizable from their original species.

Now… hundreds of years later, mankind has re-established its foothold on life and magic has been rediscovered, though its use is skeptified and often viewed as too good to be true. NEOtech is no longer a staple of life, but the gnomish, dedicated supposed descendants of the original gnome travelers, still study the mechanical sciences and keep some of it in good working order for use by the privileged few who can track down the fuel to run them. Public knowledge of the past is a blur, mixed with tall tales and blatant lies… but one thing is for sure… History is bound to repeat itself…

The Fate of Gnomos

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