The Fate of Gnomos

Captured in the Desert/Assault on the Desert Bandits

Gizmodium in the Desert

The road so far…

Session I

Our adventure began with the unfortunate and coincidental kidnapping and
drugging of 3 men of various backgrounds. Under constant sedation from sleeping
gas for an undetermined amount of time, our victims festered in a haphazard wagon
car constructed from ancient machine parts. After missing a dose of sedative and
being jolted by a dislodged wheel and axle, the prisoners regained their facilities
and ambushed their captors. Regaining their strength in a feat of adrenaline, they
subdued their captors. The freedmen found themselves stranded in the desert.
Weighing the options, they discovered another prisoner in their cart who was still
breathing, and after nursing her back to health, determined that she was the
daughter of the head of a nomadic tribe in the region. The group wandered around
and attempted to get their bearings when they happened upon a group of outriders
from the tribe. The wanderers were welcomed to an oasis camp where the leader of
the tribe offered supplies and weapons, begging their guests to rescue the other
young, able-bodied members of the tribe that had been captured in a raid by these
“slavers”, including his only son. While the outriders had located what they
assumed to be the hideout of the bandits, after the kidnapping, they did not have the
strength the mount an attack. The weary travelers enjoyed a night of rest, then
were led to the hideout, which was marked by a large, weathered white tree and a
pit filled with bones, bisected by a rope bridge. The warriors assaulted 2 guards
keeping watch in the tree, lighting the magnificent growth ablaze and revealing a
secret door to an underground tunnel. They descended into a tunnel leading to a
magnificent antechamber of stone. Proceeding carefully, the avengers detected a
group of marauders in the main chamber ahead, set a magnificent trap, and
flawlessly eradicated the evil-doers.

Session II

At this point, they happened upon another group of recent captives, who, upon
release, decided to join the cause. The newly formed party, bolstered with success,
proceeded confidently and without mercy. Before crossing the rope bridge, a
stirring in the walls prompted the group to discover and seal a would-be assassin in
his hiding place with a raging oil fire and its choking black smoke. The billowing
smoke drove our zealots quickly out into the light of day, where they were luckily
able to cross the rope bridge without consequence. Following passage of the bridge,
our heroes found themselves in the bridge of an ancient gnome spacecraft where
they were attacked by more bandits. Here, our previously untested rogue lurked in
the shadows of the useless technology, putting it to use in what can only be
described as akin to ritual killings while the barbarian (surely fatigued from his
capture) swung madly and bled copiously. After the clangs of battle ceased, tired
warriors took a rest while the mind of the Professor percolated madly over the
meaning behind Gnomish instructions on the wall. Though having difficulty
extracting the instructions from the Professor, the group managed to elucidate their
parts, successfully opening the previously unmolested energy core, which contained
9 small cubes of precious Gizmodium. Frustrated with their lack of progress (and
his lack of understanding of the importance of the material), the barbarian grabbed
one of the cubes, and hurling it across the room, unleashed a forceful wave of energy
which certainly got the party’s attention. Demonstrating the capacity to both learn
and apply new knowledge, he giddily chucked the powerful cube down a shaft in the
middle of the bridge where suspected foes lie in wait. The barbarian and the
Professor (one eager for battle, and the other in hopes of saving the precious cube)
plunged without thought into the shaft where they faced a gaggle of the opposition
in what appeared to be the barracks. The barbarian faced embarrassment yet again
when he tried to smash a recently frozen enemy and ended up with nothing but
bruises and a cold shoulder. With the possibility of riches clouding the vision of our
now weakened and weary travelers, they ventured through a barricaded door to a
dark and dank area of the ship marked “DO NOT ENTER”, there they encountered a
pool of tar which turned out to be a black pudding. Its pseudopods engulfed the
barbarian and reduced his clothing to oblivion, with his skin and axe not far behind.
Luckily, a combination of a lowered rope, brute strength, and the arcane knowledge
possessed by the Professor both saved their companion and negotiated the mutual
survival of both sides and the plundering of the pudding’s acquired loot. Battered
and bloody, the party returned to the bridge, located the release to open a shaft
above them, and continued to the Leader of the bandits’ chamber. The leader
taunted his former captives while his goons fell one by one. Upon feeling the tide of
the battle change, his smile faded, and taking up his massive weapon, the
repurposed arm of a warforged, he relegated the, until then, unscathed rogue to a
seemingly lifeless mass. In the end, the combined rage of the new colleagues was
too great for the Leader to fend off, and his outfit was put to an end by the
disappearance of the head of the paladin’s trusty trident into the welcoming soft
tissue of his neck. Each of the bandits bore this symbol branded on their shoulders

There was much rejoicing, and after rescuing the prisoners, our heroes were

celebrated, wined, rested, and given a guide to escort them east to the edge of the
desert. Our newly seasoned party now finds themselves on the road bound for…

Fame and Fortune?
Newfound purpose

Nothing is certain, but ADVENTURE.


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